Aidan was fine till I picked him up from kinder just now.

Mrs. Morter stopped me at the door and filled me in the story before I went into the classroom. The teachers did not exactly know what happened but according to one boy, whom they didn’t name, told them that he didn’t want Aidan holding his hand.They suspect he may have been upset because of this. Aidan refused to do his Show and Tell as well after that. He was supposed to sing ‘Bangun Pagi’ and Mrs. Staffieri was looking forward to it as co-incidentally, they are also teaching international language songs.

He lunged forward as soon as he saw me and started sobbing again, but refused to tell me what happened. I took him to Macca’s for lunch, everything was well, and we came home after that. I sat him down for a quiet time and asked him again. He was obviously very upset about it because tears filled his eyes again and his nose went red. This time I managed to get two names out of him, but I can’t be too sure because he has the tendency to reply answers that are out of context. I will have to check with the teachers again next week.

I am not mad at what or who caused him to cry, as he will have to deal with it in school life eventually. But I am really interested in knowing the names are indeed of one the boys’. I will be very happy if he can relate what actually happened, but until then, I will have to work on it.