This is the hardest part.

I have finally handed in the enrolment form for the school I want Aidan to be in. And still holding on to the Catholic school’s acceptance of enrolment, just in case. When I gave it to the lady in the office, she said she will need the immunisation record and copy of birth cert. Careless of me to forget, but I did ask her if it meant that Aidan will be accepted if they asked for personal records. She said of course he is. I had to remind her that the vice principal did tell me she will try her best to ascertain a place for Aidan since we are of a different suburb. Only then she looked at the address.

Anyway, fingers crossed on this one.

Aidan enjoys he extra lunch hour session at kinder so much that he asked Lunch? today when I told him to get ready for school. I would gladly pay for the extra $4 for him to have lunch with his peers, but the problem is that I can’t think of anything else to pack for him other than sandwich. I do see other kids eating noodles. I wonder if it will be a good idea. I don’t want the teachers complaining about the funny smell of fishballs, haha. But I guess I have to to start somewhere. He will be away for six hours a day next year.

Gotta go pop a Panadeine now. Getting an awful headache and gotta work tonight. Sheessh….