I think this week should end with a big celebration.

I have completed and stuck to every appointment that I made, well, so far so good, the last being today. The paed., tests and on a personal note, I have passed a tedious and gruelling test, that got the big pressure block off my shoulder, which had been bothering me for years.

Just this week, I have received two comments from Aidan’s kinder teachers, both of them, saying that they heard him completed full sentences, in very clear tones. It was just then when I sent him off to kinder, Mrs. Staffieri told me about it, and I was a little skeptical. I asked if he was script-talking, like he was repeating some sentences he watched on TV or some books that I have read to him. She said no. It was something related to the playground when he was playing with his peers. Plus he actually called out a boy to sit down during mat time.

I am so glad he has progressed so much. It has to be something right both Wilkin and I have been doing. For one, I have been reading more books to him, and also Wilkin does spend a lot of time playing with him now.

Here’s to us 🙂