That’s good, isn’t it?

At least now I have only two schools to worry about. Eeny-meeny-miny-moe. One is the Catholic school which has already accepted our application. The other is the one which needs to look at their enrolment list first, saying that although there is no zoning, first preference will be given to children living in that area. While Catholic school has always been my first choice, and that we are very lucky to have gotten in, because firstly, we are not members of the parish, and we are not Catholics. In fact, we are at the bottom of their list when it comes to enrolment.

Having said that, I now prefer the state school, mainly because they seem to have more experience in aiding children with extra needs. The vice principal definitely knows what she was talking about. And that sense of confidence earned my trust, as well as her willingness to help me so much although she did mention we may not end up at her school. I always believe a good leader will have good influence to her teachers, of course, there is always one, or two, bad eggs in the basket. That, I have yet to find out 😛

FIngers crossed again, I will try to keep pressing her to speed up the process, because I have a dateline to accept the enrolment at the Catholic school by the end of this month.

Stress, stress, more stress!

Tomorrow must go to my Asian grocer and buy some yin wor. Bottled ones, of course, ‘bhat jan’ and black chicken.