Aidan is much better at Junior Gym.

First week, he didn’t even know how to tumble turn. Second week, he was a little unsure, but with a little practice at home, on my bed, he was okay. Yesterday, they had the route going through some obstacles and it came to a point where he had to do the tumble turn. He was quick at it, although I am still a little worried on how he goes about using the strength on his head/neck.

Then there were hoops. He enjoyed it so much, that we drove straight to the $2 shop and I bought him one. It is amazing there are so many new things I can discover from my own son. He was all squirmy when I tried teaching him how to swing the hoop on his wrist.

Reminder to self : Get cheap shaving foam for sensory play.

 Good for table top activity with washable toys. Pretend play in snow. And also good for a child to play and oodle in the foam in bath tub right before bath time. But beware of slippery floor!