I have received a letter of acceptance from St. Mary Magdalene’s.

Great. I should be happy right? It is, afterall, my first choice. No, because I will be rejecting the place. Apart from Weeden Heights, I have heard good words about Parkhill as well, which is much nearer to home compared to WH. Therefore I have requested for a personal school tour, hopefully this week and I can once and for all decide which one Aidan will be attending prep next year.

Of course, I do hope I will like what I see at Parkhills, but if that isn’t the case, Weeden it is, no matter how far. As for SMM, the school impresses me, but not the area when dealing with children with extra needs. Their experience in the area is not good enough.

Fingers crossed, I hope to have the enrolment done with by the end of this month, and won’t have to worry about it till Term 4, where there will be transition programmes. Wish me luck.