Aidan has long been independent on toilet issues, except for cleaning up his number two. More like Mummy being ‘anal’ about it and wanting his bottom spotless. If I were to go on doing it for him, I might as well wipe his bum till he is 18.

So I thought, I have to do something about it. For myself! At the early intervention centre, there is this toilet training package where we can borrow for free. Inside it is a video cassette (they are trying to make the vcd copies soon) for both parent and child to watch together.

Here are some laminated pictures where I can show Aidan what to do step by step. Not all the pictures are here, but what I need him to see are these three. There are two characters in the clip, older sister Emily and Tom, so both girl and boy can learn the different way in doing the wee.  

Aidan loves the video, watched them many times, and now repeating some sentence they were saying. One problem though. Part of the scene was Emily telling Tom to wipe his bottom till he can see no poo. I don’t mind wasting paper that way, but what Aidan did (one fine day I peeked) and to my horror, he was just pulling clean toilet paper from the holder straight into the bowl! Aaagghh! No wonder the toilet roll has been vanishing very quickly the past week! And I thought Wilkin was the one with extremely active bowel movements.

What else? Smack to the bum lar!