Aidan has developed a habit of coming into our bed in the middle of the night.

It started out in the wee hours of the morning, which was fine, but now if he isn’t sleeping too well he will come over at about 3-4 o’clock. Usually Wilkin will just swap places with him, but this will have to stop, or the little rascal will be doing that for the next 5 years if we are lucky!

Yesterday he did the same thing, and that was 3 in the morning. Having just gone to bed myself and being roused from my deep deep REM, I was like Whatever. And honestly, it felt good hugging him 🙂 Now that he is almost 5, there wasn’t quite enough room for 3. We tried. So Wilkin rather have an undisturbed sleep and swapped again.

My alarm clock rang. 8am. Aidan was still sleeping. Good! I can continue my beauty sleep. 8.25am, I heard a whisper All wet, all wet. WIth my eyes still closed, I panicked, and reached for his pants. Sure enough, it was drenched. I looked at him, and he was still half asleep. He must have had a full bladder, and was dreaming. I woke him up, took off his pants and told him to run to the shower. It was a cold morning, but I think both of us was more panicky than cold. All cleaned up in less than 2 minutes.

I looked at the ‘damage’. My magnetic underlay was totally soaked in a circle, then a smaller circle on my electric blanket beneath it, and a palm size on my matress protector on the third layer. At least my mattress is dry. Phew! It was better to clean those than not knowing what to do with the mattress if it got wet. It wasn’t a sunny day. I wasn’t angry at all. It was his first time after he was properly ‘weaned’ off his nappies. Aidan has been great. But I did put up a straight face and told him I wasn’t happy. He thought I was serious and since he did do something ‘wrong’, his eyes started to get red. Alright, alright, bad mummy. I told him it was okay.

Which reminds me, I did that myself a few times when I was a kid and my oldest was being 11, I think. I remember that I dreamt about either rivers or was actually trying to ‘go’ in the toilet, but somehow felt unable too. And fighting the dream, my full bladder won over and wee-ed in my virtual toilet. Only to wake up 10 seconds later to a wet patch.

Am I the only weird one or has it happened to anyone?

*Ps. I still do not know how to reply to your comments! Can anyone tell me where to click?!