Second lesson at junior gym. Today’s lesson was more on the balancing beams, which, you wouldn’t give it much thought other than just walking and balancing on it. Well, at least I wouldn’t. But it was a totally different view for me this morning when Bea told the children to walk, balance with two hands stretched out like wings, then walk backwards again. Aidan couldn’t catch the backwards part, and started walking sideways. Haha.

Also the next step was to walk on the beam while bouncing a ball. Then it was balancing on a higher beam, and jump down. Pretty intensive for kids his age. So far so good.

Weekend was so-so, and Wilkin and myself had a disagreement on the subject of schools accepting children. That’s totally different topic altogether, but yep, obviously and naturally for me, I didn’t feel like talking to him. Unlike him, who can seem to forget it and go on as if nothing happened. So when he watched I Am Legend, I said nothing. I know it was pretty graphic for Aidan to stomach the movie, unfortunately. He kept closing him ears with his hands, but that’s his gesture when he doesn’t like loud noises.

There was a scene where Sam, the dog, died after being attacked. And I didn’t like it when Wilkin told Aidan that Sam was sleeping. I’d rather he told Aidan Sam has died, although Aidan may not grasp what death means. We can work on him understanding it on the way. Then again, who knows if Aidan CAN understand or not? He has recently been picking up a lot of things, a great improvement, and I am happy with the way things goes for him.

Robyn the speech path does not only do table top activities. She is really good in just putting everything and everyday things into ‘work’ with Aidan. She brought a pancake mix last Saturday, and Aidan had fun cooking them. Pancake is one of my favourite, now he can cook for me. HHmm…. not bad practising for Mother’s Day 🙂

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