Aidan’s co-ordination has always been at the bottom of the list, amongst other things, and when I saw the flyer for Junior Gym, on how it is oriented towards gymnastics learnings and skills, I didn’t even discuss with Wilkin. I had to join it.

Of course, I am not aiming for him to be a gymnast, but all the co-ordination, balance, jumping and climbing on beams, bars, floor, trampolines and foam pits will surely help him in some way?  So, today was his first day there. After the first ten minutes warming up, I was told I wasn’t required to be with him and I can relax for the next forty minutes while he enjoyed himself doing tumble-turnings, hanging on bars, dribbling the ball and climbing a rope ladder. I could have brought a book!

It isn’t easy when he is clumsy. There were four in his age group, including himself. Bea, the instructor was very helpful and patient, as expected to be lar, and although he didn’t do a lot of things the others can do, plus the slowest too, I was very pleased with his efforts today. At the end of the class he was already looking at his hands, either from the powder for anti-slipping, or perhaps it was a little sore from hanging onto the bars too much. He told me he loved it, but when I asked him if he would like to go again next week when Wilkin got home, he said no. Haha.

We’ll see.