Aidan is really happy at kindy. Today he drew a head, with four little lines as hands and legs, and a something like a ladder next to it. According to Mrs. Staffieri, he said Excuse Me to her and told her the figure was a doctor, and that the ladder was Cranky, which is one of the Thomas and Friends character, a crane. She is really impressed with his willingness and confidence to initiate conversation.

His artwork has been getting better too. I think this was done last term, or perhaps yesterday. It is now a masterpiece in my kitchen.

Wilkin is also very happy to be able to hold simple conversation with Aidan too. Things are going so well, it has to be a dream. I want him to have the best we can do for him, and I also want to be around him whenever he needs me, and that is why right now I am worrying about my own health.

I have recently been experiencing a skip of a heartbeat, or perhaps twice of it, don’t know which is correct, but either one, it makes me feel woozy for a while. Just last night I lay in bed, wondering what if I had a stroke, or something like that, what will happen to my family? Having a child changed my looking at life so very differently. I am now afraid to die. Not for my own sake, but what will happen to Aidan if I am not around? Hence, a doctor’s appointment has already been booked.