Our speech pathologist did a new assessment last Saturday to see how far Aidan has come along. The test is meant to assess if a child is ready for prep or not. Aidan did very well with alphabets, numbers, shapes and colours. He was asked to look at a shape and draw it out, and he did well, although not in a straight line.

And on the last test, Robyn asked Aidan to draw a person. Knowing he may not really understand ‘person’ I told him to draw me. He drew a face, then two eyes, a smiling mouth, and I thought, good good…. and then he went on to draw even eyebrows! I was impressed! He continued with a big U as a body, and this was where I was shocked, to say the least. There was two large dots, right there! I think Robyn noticed that my mouth was wide opened. I was speechless! And guess what Aidan said?


I may have not been beetroot red, but I was so so so embarrassed. I did see the funny side of it, so did Robyn, and she couldn’t stop laughing! I told her I will have to be more discreet from then onwards. Gosh! See my son, so nice of him. I don’t think he realized what the fuss was all about, and he went on with my hair, hands and legs. Robyn told him to write down his name, but he decided he wanted to write ABC instead. And then the C later became and S.

This is a masterpiece.

Imagine if I had suggested drawing Daddy.