I was giving Aidan a shower on Saturday evening and noticed this:

Naturally I was shocked, and asked Wilkin if he saw that the night before when he bathed Aidan. He said he was about to ask me the same thing. And I can only put it down to one incident. Thurday’s outing.

It was the only day that he was surrounded by kids at McDonald’s. My friend and I had been chatting while her two boys and Aidan played at the play area. Her older boy Joshua got into a fight with another Aussie kid, as in pulling shirts and feet at each other, but not amounting to kicking, while Aidan was right in the middle of it, staring. I think he was at lost on how to respond, for he had never witnessed a fight before, and also it wasn’t his nature. For the next two days, he kept repeating what we said at that moment, No fighting.

It looks like a pinch with a thumb and three fingers, but I can’t be too sure. If it was painful, he sure didn’t tell me, for he didn’t come running to me crying, like when he fell down and scraped his knees.

Yeah, this Mama sakit hati (heart aches).