I wanted to post Aidan’s kindy concert here but I don’t like the idea of posting his videos up in YouTube. And with the slide shows, somehow WordPress doesn’t support many sites, so, please do click on my other blog to view a few pics of it.

And with the progress of Aidan, he has come a long way. We have much homework to do ourselves with the speech pathologist. It’s not a case of she coming here once and week to spend an hour with him and that’s it. We have to also put time in, at least half an hour each day to sit down and do some table activities with him. You are looking at a mum who hates homework herself 😛 therefore you can imagine it is a chore for me. But for Aidan’s benefit, I did the best I could, sometimes not daily, but I am glad when I asked if he liked to do some cutting and pasting, he will say YES.

We have been getting more spontaneous sentences and responds from him, and everytime he does that, my heart soars. He did something yesterday morning in the kitchen and I said Go play outside. You are a naughty boy.

He ran out and a second later, he turned around, looked at me and said No, Mama naughty girl!

Well, what can I say? Heh.