Happy Easter everybunny.

It has been quite a while since I did post here. It was definitely a busy easter weekend for us, plus the pc was out of my reach prior to the days before that.

I meant to post a few pics of the little Easter concert the children on the last day of kinder last Thursday, but something is playing up with our PhotoStudio, so, Wilkin will have to fix that up. I had this pic uploaded last week. The spaceship is what Aidan scoffed up upon reaching home, a biscuit given to every child from Aidan’s kindy mate, Lucas. It was his birthday and his mum made spaceships and rockets for boys and flowers for girls. That was so cool. Really. You think I can make that? Neh.

And as for the bunny, it was the kindy project and Aidan put everything together, from the dessicated coconut, sugar icing, mini marshmallows to the one green teeny chocolate. As expected, he didn’t eat that one, because I figured he didn’t like the coconut.  

 Term One holidays officially started, and there will me more shopping for us, I guess. Not a very good idea 😛  He was already asking for Culdee, another engine. I said we can go to the library. He smiled and said okay, because there was one particular book he liked. I hope I can get the librarian to search it for me.

Two weeks of ultimate noise at home 🙂