There is a time during kinder where all kids look forward to each day, and that’s the Show and Tell time. A child will bring his or her favourite thing to show to the class and tell them all about it, and other children and teacher will ask some questions.

Aidan is no different. His Show and Tell day is every Friday. He has brought most things Thomas and other engines (pretty predictable, eh?), a book, a couple of other toys. He doesn’t remember which days, but when I mention to him it’s Show and Tell Day, he will get all excited and revved up for school, not that he isn’t revved up every day! His enthusiasm towards ‘school’ delights me, and nothing makes me prouder when he brings home his artworks.

There was a Friday the teacher couldn’t do S&T, because we had a Parents Morning Tea and Snack time, just to catch up on some school issues and get to know each other better. At the end of the session, I took Aidan’s bag, ready to go after their goodbye song. I brought an umbrella in that day because it was a rainy day, and Aidan loves playing with the umbrella. So I was very surprised when he didn’t want to hold it, but instead he wanted to hold on to the book that we put in his bag earlier for S&T. Mrs. Staffieri announced that there would be no S&T session that day, but will do it on Tuesday. Naturally, Aidan didn’t quite understand the whole thing, and he got up as soon as he heard his name being called, walked to the front of the class with a beaming smile, and showed off his book! He thought it was his turn! Mrs. Staffieri gave me a smile, and I smiled back apologetically. She made an exception and gave Aidan the chance.

I was talking to Dinesh’ mum Samantha when the class ended, and Dinesh came complaining to his mum that he didn’t get to show and tell. He said it wasn’t fair. Hahahaa….. Sam was quick to give a smart reply Well then you get to bring your firetruck again on Tuesday, wouldn’t that be nice? And Dinesh was not so unhappy after all.