I have friends who have been giving births, like. all in a row.

I am not joking leh. First Mott, congratulations to the third tike, JH.

Then there’s another friend here Anita with her second child, a boy this time, little Cedric for big sister Ashley.

And my dear friend in Penang, Avelynn, to her first baby boy, Ethan.

Years ago, there was a ratio of 4:1 i.e. four girls to a boy. Looks like now the boys are really catching up. Would I have had a boy too if we wanted another child? I would love a girl, given a choice, but of course, as long as the child is healthy. I want a girl so I can get in touch with my feminine side again, haha. Right now I am really roughing it up with Aidan, like playing Mama and Baby Dinosaurs. That is, Baby sitting on Mama’s back like riding a pony and telling Mama to go Faster! Faster!

With Baby almost half the weight (already!) of Mama’s, I think I’d better be really careful with my back. It’s time Daddy Dinosaur to buck up and take over. Funny how I am the one who is playing rough with Aidan, but Wilkin is afraid that he might get Aidan hurt? Who’s the guy here anyway?! Or is my ‘tomboy-ness’ being confirmed at last?