I have just started sending Aidan to kinder one extra hour a week, which they call it the lunch session. On either morning or afternoon sessions, he will be there from 11.45am to  12.45pm for lunch, where I pack a sandwich and a box of fruit juice for him.

Today is the second week, and if everything goes smoothly, at the moment it is, I will add another day on Term Two, then another on Term Three until he will be going everyday to kinder for four hours daily on Term Four. It is $4 for that extra hour per day, but I am going ahead with it. I have already found that he actually eat when around his peers. I guess it is more fun for him to do so, and I strongly encourage this positive outcome. This independence is a cost I cannot possibly measure. Also, it is a great way to prepare him for prep next year, which will be six hours daily.

He must have had a great day today, for when I picked him up, his hair was soaked with sweat. Also, apart from having to make him say goodbye to his teachers, it was the first time today I witnessed him saying Goodbye to his friends.

Goodbye Dinesh!

And as we were walking out from the carpark, he noticed another friend in a car, driving off.

He shouted Goodbye Ryan!

Happy Mummy? You bet.