For a boy like Aidan who is slow in understanding, he responds well to visual clues such as pictures, or cartoons he watches on telly or his dvds.

His speech pathologist Robyn has suggested on working with him more on pictures of any kind. Books, cut outs, magazines, etc. Therefore we came up with the idea of making something from home, adapted from researches and positive findings on programs for children with extra needs. So, firstly, I transformed this noticeboard to be Aidan’s personal.

A plain background, and lines of velcro, sticking whatever that is relevant for the day.

I have been printing pics and words, and will be taking more photos of daily activities. Aidan actually understands more of the things I tell him, but I want to give this a try anyway. It doesn’t hurt at all and although it does take a little work, but not at all expensive to create. Of course, laminator courtesy of my school mate. The only thing that cost the most is the portable one. I bought this at the spur of the moment, but now I am not so sure if Aidan needs this at all. It cost me $26.00. I wouldn’t say it’s a waste of money, although now that I have seen it I could have easily made one myself, heh.

 For example, here it says, reading/drawing/colouring (table top activities first), the play, e.g. his V-tech game. Once he has done his table top activity, that picture will be put under the ‘Finished’ page. No playing at the sandpit today as it was cold outside.

So, yeah, something like that. He has been great at kinder so far, and the teachers are also taking my cues making sure he makes eye contact when they talk to him, or when he greets or say goodbye to them.

I really hope he can go to Prep next year and having said that, I will be going to St. Mary Magdalene’s again one of these days to pay a deposit for next year’s enrolment.