Meet Noodles, our weekend visitor from kinder.

Well fed, well loved, eat lots, poo lots. Here we are, I mean, here I am, changing his strawbed, and Wilkin actually suggested that I should let it run a bit as it looks REALLY unhealthy, e.g. Obese. Still didn’t manage to get Aidan to put it on his laps, but at least he wasn’t as afraid, and volunteered to feed it, as in just putting the cabbage, carrot or lettuce leaves into the cage.

And I am telling you, Noodles can really eat! But because I was told I don’t have to give it water, I suppose it is essential for the hamster to get it through the veggies.

Oh, by the way, that is Jack Aidan was holding, a new addition to his Thomas collection. We went to Chaddy and Aidan wanted to go to ToysRUs. I am telling you, he knows his way around there. I thought, it was some time that we bought him a new train, so we obliged. I found Percy with sound and lights, but couldn’t find the price for it and thought to myself, it couldn’t be too expensive right? After all, we got Troublesome trucks with sound and it was a double carriage, and it cost $20, before discount. I told Wilkin we would do a price check, if it was more than $20, we won’t get it, but I doubted the price would be that much.

Imagine my shock when it rang up $26.99, and my manners flew out the windows. I just forgot to thank the cashier, and said No! We are so not getting that! Gotta laugh at myself now. I thought I was prepared for it. Lucky thing Aidan wasn’t too fussy and settled for Jack, just as long he has a new engine.