Firstly, KUNG HEI FATT DAI CHOY to everybody! May the Year of the Rat bring you all good fortune, great health and happiness!

Aidan’s first week went along just fine.

I am really glad that he settled in well. Apart from not eating fruits at all, at least he eats his cheese stick at snack time. Many commented that his kinder is very strict, but it is okay with me. We are only allowed cut-up ready to eat fruits, apart from bananas and grapes, of course, and cheese sticks. I guess they didn’t want any mess with yoghurts and purees.

My colleague just mentioned to me earlier tonight at work, that she did Fruit Duty at her son’s kinder today, and she was disgusted at how some parents never listen and can be so ignorant. They were specifically given instructions not to bring anything with nuts for their children, because there are two boys in the class who are allergic to them, one particularly to hazelnuts. It is no joke, some children can go into anaphylactic shock just by touching them. Anyway, other parents are packing their children’s snack boxes with commercial fruit juices, lollipops, chocolate bars, and today, one child sat next to this boy who is allergic to hazelnut, with a Nutella sandwich.

Children can be forgiven for not knowing, as this child actually offered the boy some of his food! Obviously the parents couldn’t care less with the school’s regulations and the welfare of other kids. It was a good thing though this boy was taught not to accept any food from anyone because of his condition. In any case, it is only snack time, for goodness sake, and school is only about three hours. Why the parents packed the snack box to the brim is beyond our comprehension. Don’t their children get breakfast at home?

Coming back to Aidan, he is allergic to walnuts. Anyway, I hope he will learn to eat some fruits sometime this year. As of now, cheese stick is better than nothing.