We went to Wayburne this morning for our 10am appointment to meet with Aidan’s 4-year-old kindy teachers, Mrs. Carol McIvor and Mrs. Karen Staffieri. When I mentioned to Aidan that we will be dropping by the school, he said No, don’t want school.

Don’t you want to go to school and play with Dinesh, Ryan and other friends? He gave a little thought, and asked Mrs.Bliu? (Mrs. Lu)

No, bubba, Mrs. Lu won’t be teaching you this year. There will be new teachers.

When we reached Wayburne, I realized it wasn’t a one-on-one meeting, but many parents and kids. Ah well, so much so for private time. At least Aidan got to see some of his peers and had a play with them. Unlike 3-year-old kinder, this year will be a lot of serious play. I am glad when Mrs.Staffieri told us about their plans to teach phonic, learning left and right, so they can go on an excursion to a mini traffic playground, learn how to look out for traffic and such. They will have very important visitors like the nurse from the hospital for role play in a ‘clinic’ and a real policeman with the police car, sirens and all. She makes it sound so fun, I am looking forward to seeing Aidan having a good time in school and of course, I do hope it will boost his vocab bank, therefore speech, as well.

I am glad I started him at the same school last year, so at least he is familiar with the surrounding, some teachers and friends.

School starts next Tuesday, and when the teachers asked if we had a good break, most parents’ comeback is ‘We will, soon!‘ 

I will, soon.