I bribed Aidan with a Slurpee to have his hair cut.

It doesn’t look long to me, but his head looked a bit like a coconut shell to me! I didn’t want to attempt doing it myself again, as I realized the Number 4 trimmer is a tad too short for him.

Secondly, this slacker mummy forgot all about his 4-year-old immunisation. I only found out when I took a look at his immunisation record which I was supposed to attach a copy of it to the enrolment form for Wayburne. Therefore today Aidan had the scream of his life when two needles poked into his arms, one for each. Cried his heart out and casted a dirty look at the poor doctor. I told her that he wasn’t exactly liking her at that moment, and she laughed. She understood and said that’s normal. Happens all the time.

Back home, he kept saying Naughty doctor. Aidan pain pain.

Which reminded me. Wilkin smacked Aidan when he nearly fell of the chair two days back. We did tell him many times not to roll the chair around, but I thought he didn’t deserve that smack. It was, afterall, an accident. Aidan pouted and came running to me, needing a hug. And he whispered in my ear Naughty Daddy.

And why do I have this smug feeling?