I went to the two-bucks-shop yesterday and got some glittery glue pen. I had in mine to decorate the origami fish I made for Chinese New Year’s presents. And I thought it would be a good idea for Aidan to have some messy fun as well. He wasn’t interested in them when I showed it to him, as he just woke up from his arvo nap, usually with the typical cranky mood.

This morning, he came running into my room, shaking me up, and asked Mama what’s this?

Glittery pens.

Mama, who’s this? (I suppose it meant whose is this?)

*Yawn* Aidan’s.

He run out excitedly and left me to sleep again. I woke up later to find the house quiet, which is pretty unusual. As a routine, eversince he knew how to operate the telly and dvd player, it would be switched on the moment he wakes up. This morning, I found him doing this:

His idea of messy play. Great fun at $2 for 10 pens. Better than any $2 rides!

We are going to the beach tomorrow, and we went shopping for food such has drinks and chips, and things to make some sandwiches. I have been drumming into him that we will be meeting with Ching’s family as well. He was all excited when he heard Miguel’s name, plus asking to open the bag of chips. I had to remind him that is for tomorrow, and it’s to share with his friends.

So far, I have no idea how good Aidan is at understanding the concept of yesterday, today and tomorrow. So when Wilkin came home, I took the chance to ask Aidan Where are we going tomorrow Aidan? He thought for a while and replied I’m going to the beach.