Aidan will be officially starting four-year-old kindy in two weeks’ time.

I am both relieved and nervous at the same time. Relieved that I am getting a little bit of time for myself from this little rascal, relieved that he can release his beans of energy everyday for four days a week in and out of the classroom, relieved that he can mixed around with kids his age and play, yet I am nervous how things will go for the first few days.

Although he has been to three-year-old kindy and absolutely loved it, there are some changes still, mainly his wonderful class teacher Mrs. Lu will not be teaching him anymore. There are a few friends from his class who will be joining him, and others in another group, with more new faces joining in this year. All the children from his class were wonderful kids, and I am hoping the new faces will be the same. Sigh, you’ll never know, one can only hope.

I am also hoping he will improve in speech, and when that happens, I know I will have no concerns at all of sending him to Prep next year. Of which, that is another thing I have to look up. State school or St. Mary Magdalene? I have been to SMM, so I guess this year I will have to look up the state school and see how they operate.

Important decisions have been made before in sales at work, but never in making one for someone’s future.