Going round and round in one of the Troublesome Trucks pulled by Thomas the tank engine.

We will be going to another shopping centre tomorrow to let him have a go again, this time for free. Hopefully the line isn’t too long. There are centres that cater for family fun during the school holidays. I think this is a great idea. Next week there will be Snakebusters where there are harmless reptiles such as snakes, geckos and green froggies where children can actually touch, hold and feel them. Aidan would want me to hold a green frog and he will just admire it. He wanted to take one home the last term.  

And just because Lola loves pink milk, Aidan is very into it too. Guess I shouldn’t complain, he is, afterall, drinking his milk! Although I shouldn’t allow it too often as this is sweetened.

We got to Officework today and I got him a set of these crayons. It is supposed to help little fingers get the grip, especially when his is weak. When he gets used to using this one, I should gradually switch to something slimmer until his grip is fine. And guess what he is using these as?

EEeooooowww!!! Spaceships and stacking rockets!