Aidan was playing internet game of Charlie and Lola, and he saw me packing up his trains on the floor.

Yes, Mama, yes. Pack up!  (??!!!)

And when I tell him to pack up, he will ask me to do it instead, or help him do it. One day I pretended to walk out the door when he proctrastinated with that chore, and he thought I would actually leave him at home if he didn’t finish doing it, he started to panic and bawled.

I remembered my mother doing exactly the same thing to me (Now go figure where I learned it from) and she actually drove off without me! Well, I was old enough then, about seven or eight, and my Dad was at home. But I had to defend myself, I wasn’t that much of a procrastinator, only that Mum informed me the last minute about her plans, already reaching for the car keys. Most of the time anyway.

My little man is a little bit more of himself every day, and I am very happy that he can actually put words he learned from TV (not totally a bad thing, after all) to actions. I asked him to help me push my swing, a few times, and he answered Okay, hold on, I’m coming, or Can you help me? if he needed any help at all.

I am sure he misses school, he has been asking about it, and that he will love it seeing most of his peers again.

So would I, believe me, so would I.