Just when I thought everything is going on smoothly but slowly, it just seemd like nothing progressed at all.

I know I shouldn’t be expecting too much, and I know I shouldn’t be screaming in my head, but I couldn’t help it. Not that he doesn’t want to learn to talk more, he sometimes simply couldn’t comprehend, that’s all. And where he couldn’t understand, he couldn’t express. In the end, he is frustrated, I am frustrated. And me being older, bigger, hotter temper, the poor boy didn’t know what and where he did wrong.

He definitely needs stimulation. Being stuck with me during this long term holidays isn’t doing him any good. I know I am not trying my best to try out more activities with him, but still I think he needs peer inspiration. Being a playmate to him isn’t just good enough, he needs to spend more time with kids his age. Ooooouuuhh, what have I done? I am beginning to wonder if our decision to stop at one a bad choice. Before you start nodding your head, I’ll have you know there were many other factors as to why Wilkin and myself agreed to the same answer.

School will start in four weeks’ time. I do hope being at the kindy for more hours this year will help him improve on his vocab. I can only pray. One thing I do know, is that we will miss Mrs. Lu sorely. She really took Aidan under her wings not just because she has the responsibilities to do so, she also took the initiative to look into Aidan’s welfare. Many teachers couldn’t be bothered.

We can only hope his teachers at 4-yo kindy will be just as nice.

Four more weeks…… sigh…… *drag*