How was everyone’s New Year?

Ours was absolutely scorching hot at 42 degree Celsius on the eve, which I was very glad to be working that night actually. Not many customers, as all flocked to the city for the countdown and watch the fireworks. I do miss going there though. We have been there for the last two years, where we could watch the 9.00pm fireworks for families with children. Just as spectacular, although not a bigger scale as midnight’s. Wilkin didn’t bother going this year with Aidan without me, mainly because the heat made everyone felt lethargic too.

On New Year’s day, we had a big lunch at Chaddy’s Nando’s with two other families, followed by a game of bowling. Enjoyed the free air-conditioning! Aidan enjoyed himself immensely, with the help of that little slide ladder thingy, I don’t know what exactly it’s called. And most importantly, I got to shop, hahaha.

My little cheeky rascal has been repeating a lot after Charlie and Lola. He loves them so much. Of course, his first love is still Thomas and his friends. Talking about that, his newest addition to the railtrack is a roundhouse. Not from the Thomas range, but Imaginarium, which is compatible with Thomas’ sets, at a fraction of the cost.


Because he couldn’t go swimming this morning, due to his swollen eye, I told him he could get a new train. (Also because my FIL’s friend visited us yesterday and gave Aidan some money) We went to ToysRUs, and Aidan decided on Terence. But when I offered him this, he gladly handed Terence over and swapped it. I only had to pay a dollar extra. After that, Aidan kept nagging at me. To go home 🙂