A special present from Aidan. We got a few wrapped up gifts on the last day of kindy. Assuming they were all Aidan’s, we helped Aidan open them up on Christmas Day. But what I found, wrapped in one of Aidan’s artwork with lots of colourful stampings, was this folder, with photographs and Aidan’s artwork compiled by his class teacher, Mrs. Lynda Lu.

I was so touched by her dedication and thoughtfulness for us parents. And I am glad that we at least bought her a pretty bookmark, from Aidan, and a bottle of non-alcoholic sparkly from us. We have never seen this pics before. At least I have chance to peek into a day of Aidan’s kindy time when I do fruit duty, but Wilkin has never seen all the actions before. This is truly the best present we get this year.

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 You have done well, little bubba. We are glad you love school.

And as for Mrs. Lu, THANK YOU SO MUCH, from the bottom of our hearts.