Keep your cool, Mum, keep real cool….

 Omm…. omm….. omm…….

One little rascal emptied the storage box while I am slaving away in the kitchen, and decided to casually pour everything out, just to save time. There were two wooden sets of railtracks, one plastic, one large puzzle, if you can sort them out, amidst the huge mess.

So what did Mama do? Omm….. omm…. omm……..

Me : Come here!

Aidan : *Slowly approaching with caution*

Me : You come here quick!

Aidan : *Ran to me*

I picked him up and carried him into my room, and dumped him onto my bed.

Me : You have been very naughty, made such a big mess, give me more work!

One punishment coming up – I bit his bum bum. He squealed with laughter and begged me not to bite anymore. Did it one more time, just for the fun of it, and to hear him laugh some more.