He dropped his ice-cream on to the floor.

Aidan : Aww…. you dwopt it. What juju doo??! (Aww…. you dropped it. What did you do??!)

Me : What?! ME? You were eating the ice-cream, not me.

Aidan : Naughty mama. (And went to the kitchen for the tea towel)



Aidan : Mama……. yes, bubby. (prompting me to say ‘Yes bubby’) whenever he knows that I am angry with him.


 Aidan : Maamaaaa……… *waiting*……. YES?! (prompting me to say ‘YES’. This is mimicking my mother calling him, and he had to answer her everytime!) If there is no answer, he will say ‘Ooi (that’s my mum!)

Me : Yes

Aidan :  Louder.

Me : YES?!

Aidan : Orrrr….. good boy.

At the moment I am loving the fact that he is able to relate to things that happened in the past. That he dropped his Slurpee, that he asked for my friend’s children whom he just played with days ago, his nieces in KL, and that I told the younger one Yan to put her feet down, or that he unintentionally spied on my sister taking her shower ‘Yee ma shame shame.’

He doesn’t like me going to work still, and I explained to him that I need to work to get money, to buy more trains.

Aidan : More Slurpee.

Contented sigh…