Aidan is very into his trains lately. I hope it won’t drive us bankrupt. The die-cast trains are much cheaper than the ones meant for wooden rail, which are made of real wood, of course, but we much prefer getting him the wooden trains.

As for the tracks, we cheated a bit. The cost of tracks from Imaginarium is only a fraction of Thomas’ and it works just a good, and compatible with Thomas and his friends. Here are four trains made from wood, introducing Diesel, Toby, Emily and Troublesome Trucks.

Then there are Salty, Mavis, Annie, Thomas and Gordon from die-cast range. Believe me when I say I am very proud of myself to be able to keep up with their names. Some look very similar and I am amazed how this boy can tell the difference immediately.

A chugga-chugga-chuggin’ time on Imaginarium tracks and some Imaginarium train friends. Notice there are more tracks in the storage box behind him.