What does it sound like to you?

Aidan has been randomly saying the sentence. I have no idea where he picked it up from, but I am definitely sure I have not said something like that, not Wilkin, not the telly. It may have been some programmes he watched, and knowing his pronounciation, he may have meant…. errmm… ‘two one six?’ Nope. His numbers are very clear. But whatever it is, I am positive it is NOT what I think it is.

Whenever he said that at home, I tried to ask him what he wanted, or otherwise, ignore it. He doesn’t say it on purpose to get attention, as far as I am concerned, so hopefully, this will be just a phase.

But yesterday…. well, yesterday. We were walking along an aisle in the supermarket when he said Ooo wan secs like, three times, LOUDLY, should I stress. Not wanting to create a scene, or make him thing that this really got my attention, apart from being TOTALLY EMBARRASSED, I walked quickly ahead of him.

O…MI…GOSH! What did the others think? That his mother has been offering herself. Hahahaahahaaaaa……. siighhh….