Well, I am definitely on a holiday. Will be going back to Malaysia for a month with Aidan.

My family will spoil him rotten. Just hope the mozzies will stay out of his face. Last year was bad as he scratched till it was all red and swollen, and I am talking about nearly a dozen of mozzie bites here, just the face, mind you! Broke my heart to see him that way. Wish the mozzies would bite me instead, but somehow they were so smart, they knew how to differentiate an ex-local and a total foreigner. The older people whom we don’t know were quick to judge when they saw Aidan.

Aiyoh, bite until like this. Just got here from overseas izzit?


This boy must be from overseas.

If not for the bites, they might have noticed his flushed face and wet hair, and may have said the same thing. His cheeks will be that hot, that I was afraid he may get a heat stroke. And this is the only time I allow him to have 1 can of 100-Plus a day, sometimes two.

I don’t like using the spray, but obviously that wasn’t an option. And I am very much hesitant in deciding applying repellent on his face.

Anyway, it may be a couple of weeks till my next post.

Happy Holidays! Me, of course!