He doesn’t seem to quite understand the question.

Or maybe he doesn’t know how to answer me?

When I picked him up from kindy this morning, one of his peer was holding a plate of cupcakes. A very standard thing to do when it is someone’s birthday. I noticed that he was very excited about it, but I made him get his bag first. After taking one from the plate, saying thank-yous and goodbyes, we went to our car. On the way, I asked him who’s birthday was it, and there was no reply.

I tried another way.

Did you sing a birthday song, Aidan?

Birthday song.

*Happy Birthday to…..?* (I sang)


 There. I got an answer from him.  It was McKenzie’s birthday. I am happy, I am satisfied.

Music. A very powerful tool of communication. I find Aidan responds better to songs relating to things we do. For example, I couldn’t get him to walk properly. He would always like to skip, gallop, run or drag his feet. Everytime when I told him to stop doing that, he didn’t seem to care. So each time when he did that, I would stop walking. Then I started saying in a sing-song manner, Walking, walking, walking, walking, walking to our home / the shop. And it worked. He started walking slowly, deliberately, in heavy steps, but at least he wasn’t dragging them!

Of course, there are always times, and will be, that he forgets to walk properly, but I hope in time, he will do better.