Aidan saw a bruise on the back of my left hand yesterday. It was just a small skin-off matter which I hardly noticed, but it dried up and the wound turned a little darker.

He gently touched it and looked at me.

Yes, Aidan. Mummy pain. Sek sek. (Stroke it gently) 

He did touch it very gently and went ‘SSsssssssssss‘ (but inhaling) as if in pain.

This afternoon, he brought out his pack of dinosaurs bandaid and gave it to me.


Did you hurt yourself Aidan? Where pain?

He took my right hand, but saw nothing there. I realized then that he wanted ME to put bandain on. I showed him my left hand. He gave me this pained look and went,

Sssssss………….. cream.

And he ran to his room. I always apply antiseptic cream on his wounds before I putting a bandaid on, and he was doing the same to me! although he couldn’t quite figure out which tube was the appropriate one. I think I have nearly a dozen in there, mostly moisturizing creams, cortisone creams, Medihoney, all his stuff. So I helped him find it and said,

Okay, Mummy put cream on. Aidan help Mummy with bandaid.

I told him I wanted the smallest blue dinosaur bandaid, and he helped put it on for me. Satisfied, he left me alone tidying up the place while he ran out to continue playing with his little cars.

Me? Of course I was smiling 🙂