I woke up with him singing a few songs from Nick Junior and also You Raise Me Up.

He was jumping around me, ransacked Wilkin’s bedside drawer. Remind me to tell Wilkin to safety lock it, because I don’t like Aidan playing with the coins. Then he twirled the curtains round and round, and pulled up the venetian blinds. I told him many times not to, as  neighbours can look in. A picture of a mother still sleeping and her son neglected is not a pretty sight 😛

I spanked his little bum. He pouted for a while, and went back to his mischief.

I had to get up. We fooled around in bed for a while, and I handed him his book.

Gracias! he said.

I am surprised, of course. Good to know that at least Dora and Diego is teaching him something, at least!