Aidan has been running into his room screaming and closing his ears with his fingers when he sees something that bothers him on TV.

Something like a red tomato talking to Ollie from Sesame Street. What is so scary about the red tomato? What did he see in his eyes?

I noticed that he doesn’t like loud noises. He was obviously upset yesterday at the Thomas Tank Musical when the music was very loud. And I can only bring it down to one thing. We brought him to a Richmond Chinese New Year festival when he was only a few months old. There were firecrackers everywhere, and we had to leave because he cried and cried. So, was it that?

I really need to check with the teachers when school reopens again. See if there was any incident that made him feel scared. I never taught him to be fearful of things, but just be careful around animals and places. I have never threatened him with ghosts and policemen, and of the dark, because I was a ‘victim’ of that.

It would be great to know what he is thinking.