Wilkin noticed that Aidan plays listlessly, hopping from a game to the next.

We talked about it in the car, and he casually mentioned if we should get a dog.  I was like WHA..??! I mean, hell, of course I don’t mind. I LOVE dogs. But I did tell him although dogs are good companion, how far can it help Aidan? He agreed.

Then he told me he was thinking if we should have another baby.


We had made the decision years ago, and I had accepted the fact that Aidan is the only child. I had asked him before, when I was a little clucky, a little younger. He said no, so be it. But now! When Aidan is Four. When my mind is closed. When my biological clock ticked WWAAAYYYYY past. Sorry, mate. I don’t want to be chasing a toddler in my forties. Not that my pregnancy was all rosy!

But of course, he said he was only playing with the idea. Because having a second child needs a lot of money, on the contrary to what other Aussies told us. We are very comfortable right now, and if we have another child, I would rather not work, and that not only cuts a chunk out of our income, we will be spending a lot more.

So yeah, matey. Please do not give me the heart attack again. Unless you strike the multi million dollar Tattslotto within a year, it’s going to be No Deal.

Now, a Golden Retriever, a Lab, or a Border Collie?