Today we officially sent Aidan’s great-grandfather to heaven.

From a four generation family, we are now three. Service was held at Blair Chapel at the Necropolis, and Aidan was a boisterous one. Little Aunty Anissa, who is nine months younger than Aidan, (Wilkin’s uncle’s daughter, which means she and Wilkin are cousins) and two other little cousin sisters were sitting down quietly. But this boy just couldn’t stop making noise!

Great-grandpa was pronounced as 90 years old, but we think he was 95. Everything went smoothly. That aside, I am shocked at the cost of the whole funeral. The land itself was about $10,000. The coffin, which looked really good, was $3,800. Funeral service and misc, the total was a whopping estimated $18,000. AUD.

In the nutshell, no money, don’t anyone dare die.