Mummy’s expensive Global knife sharpener as a slide for Thomas. After a while she kept it away from me.

Then I used the box Mummy brought back from work to pack the clothes I cannot fit in anymore as a boat. Bear-bear and Puppy was with me and I used my golf clubs as oars. Wouw, wouw, wouw your boat, gently down the stweam, Mewwily, mewwily, mewwily, mewwily, life is but a dweam. I made Mummy pushed me all around the house. Wwwweeeeee!! It was fun! Then Mummy was huffing and puffing. I wanted another round but she said ‘No more Aidan, Mummy’s tired!

Spoil sport, Mummy!Β You should exercise more to keep up with me!