Aidan’s gift to Dada is this photo cardboard made at kindy with the help of his teachers.

We received a phone call early in the morning from Wilkin’s dad to inform us that Wilkin’s grandfather has passed away at 2am in the morning. He has been staying at the hospital for the past week and was getting weaker. We are just glad that he passed on peacefully in his sleep.

Apart from our usual grocery shopping, we dropped by Max Brenner to have some chocolate indulgence. That’s about it. Not that Wilkin cares about it much. I guess everyday is Father’s Day or Mother’s Day if we love each other all the same.

I was just chatting with my niece last night and she told me that someone of someone who knows someone, no names mentioned lor right? Anyway, there is this couple had just found out that their nine-year-old child is autistic. And what happened? The father couldn’t take the news, (or purely excuse?) and wanted out. He said he wants to start a new family. Well, obviously with another woman, as he may be afraid he will have another child with the same disability. Meaning, blaming his wife. Or perhaps just taking this opportunity to leave a relationship where he isn’t interested in anymore.

Whether it is the truth that he couldn’t handle the fact, or merely and excuse to leave his wife, both reasons are condemned. Can’t believe this man has such a weak and shallow mind. Coward. Creep. Lowlife. Scum.

A man? Ptooi!