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If you remember this post¬†less than 2 weeks ago about Aidan having to start using Rhinocort, this is a good post, considering I’ve been complaining for the past few posts. ūüôā

We started Aidan on Rhinocort, and of course, he didn’t like something sticking up his nose. We struggled to use the spray everyday, and needless to say, he wasn’t a happy boy. After a week, he got used to the idea, and eventually allowed us to ‘medicate’ him. He even tried to¬†stick it up his own nose just few days back.

It is less than two weeks, and we have already seen great result. No snoring, no heavy breathing while sitting down. THIS IS GREAT! It comforts us now to know he can breath easily throughout the night, getting¬†good nights’ sleeps. The doctor did mention if this didn’t help, he needs to see an allergist, and may have to get some desensitizing done, either a jab, or oral drops to the tongue. I had a customer who came in earlier tonight and she thanked me for recommending her the FESS saline nasal spray, and told me that hopefully she won’t have to use any medication for her nasal problem for long, as she going for desensitization, and it is VERY expensive, according to her.

I am so glad that we don’t have to go through that now. Mainly Aidan is doing well, and secondly, the money of course! I didn’t ask her how much, but¬†I expect it will be hundreds of dollars per visit. And we don’t have private health insurance.

I think it’s about time we start thinking of getting one. At least for our teeth, my prescription glasses, physiotherapy…….. etc.etc.

That’s Aidan’s motto, at the current moment.

Whatever he sees, those that fascinates him, places, things, toys, food, he wants it there and then.

We sometimes get some co-operation from him on those $2 rides, sometimes not, and usually not at all with the others. Today at kindy, they were setting up a dark corner, a galaxy theme, and haven’t finished with it yet. Aidan saw it and wanted to enter the ‘room’. I told him to wait, as it’s not finished, and his little friend said ‘We’ll have to wait 5 minutes’. I was just so¬†in awe to hear that. I would give anything for Aidan to be able to talk like that. But he was adamant. He wanted to go in.

I started to walk away. He pulled me back. Although he wanted to go in, he wanted me with him. Lynda came by and distracted him with another activity, which he liked. Problem solved, for the moment. But we can’t keep doing that everytime. He needs to know what¬† he can and cannot do, and somethings that he needs to wait for. At the shopping mall, when we won’t go his direction, he now sprawl onto the ground. Yep, just like those spoilt brats. And since half the time we can’t talk sense into him, we have to carry him back to the car and there goes our outing. I am as patient as I can be. Wilkin is more short-fused. But patience can wear thin. I hope to get some good response from him before my patience wear out.

Am starting to wonder if I have been too lenient to him. Most of the time he gets what he wants, but that’s at home, and sometimes cheap toys at the $2 shops. Well I shouldn’t expect him to know what’s expensive and what’s cheap, I guess. I can’t buy him every Thomas set that he hangs on to. We had a bout of his tantrums many months back, but he got a little better, and now it’s starting all over again.

I think it’s got something to do with his diet too. Just a couple of months back¬†I have been quite vigilant about it, and looking back at previous posts, I did¬†report on significant improvements on his overall behaviour. I should try it again, and if he is acting better, it’s definitely the food then.

We had the usual food again, although now I’ve sworn off that Shanghai noodle restaurant!

I found another online educational site Jambav which has lots of games for toddlers and preschoolers to learn about alphabets, matching game, colours, crossing the road, etc. etc.

I think it’s an Indian site because the voice said ‘Yell’ instead of ‘L’. Hahaha. But I find it very good.

Now what frustrates me is that instead of looking for the correct answer, Aidan loves the responses of ‘Uh-oh’ or ‘Are you sure?’ and the gestures that he thinks funny. Therefore he will keep pressing on the wrong answers on purpose.

I tried explaining to him, played with him and encouraged him to get the correct ones, but it seems he is more fascinated with the negative response. He may have heard too much of ‘Well done’ or ‘Good job’ I guess.

Any idea how to get him to do the right thing?