Aidan’s skin has been much better as compared to when he was a baby.

But it requires constant attention and he is still using Ego QV Bath Oil and natural shower gel instead of the commercialized soaps such as Johnson’s. Every evening after his bath, we have to slab on moisturizing cream on him, either Dermaveen or Cetaphil.

Couple of days back I noticed there is a rash patch at the back of his left thigh. Wednesday morning we went for his swimming lesson. I could have sworn I have forgotten something. Come shower time, I realized I forgot to put the cream in the bag, and I thought, one day only, surely it doesn’t matter? Plus, I forgot to apply barrier cream on him before entering the pool.

So what happened yesterday? Both legs were full of rashes, especially on the folds. A little on his body and patches on hands and back. Just great. Looked awful, like beehives. He was scratching like there is no tomorrow. Had to use cortisone cream and a does of Claratyne. Cut his fingernails too, as he had been leaving marks.

Today, he is much better. The rash seems to have ‘dried’ up.