I found the present at last. I have been thinking about it for a while, and decided to get it.

 Present for Wilkin, yes. But I may end up doing the work, haha.


We went out for Korean food. Aidan couldn’t wait to sing Happy Birthday song. I told him to sing it for Dada, but when we came to the third phrase, he insisted it should be ‘Happy Birthday to Aidan‘. For the whole evening before Dada came home, he kept asking to sing as such.  Cheeky rascal.

Bringing the fish home wasn’t easy. And I mean emotionally. It was like bringing two babies home. I didn’t want anything too big, and nothing fancy like pumps. Therefore the best I could get is the goldfish, instead of my preferred tropical ones. (Who’s birthday is it anyway?! Haha!) With this tank, I can only get two. It is best to allow 5 litres of water per fish, oh yeah, now I know.

I treated the water, put the bag of fish on the tank, just so they can adjust to the temperature. Then I tranferred them into their new home. For the first two hours, I was in constant worry, as they were at the bottom of the tank, and not moving much. I thought, Die! Temperature shock. Or maybe the water wasn’t treated properly?

Much later now, they are okay. But I still think the water is a little too cold, although the pet shop people assured me it is okay. I have to see what I can do.

So here are our new family members, Happy and Healthy. I couldn’t bring Money home YET as the house is a little too small 🙂