Indeed, we have been getting more words from him now. Stringing along more words into a sentence, he is starting to make sense now.

I’ve got such a sweet boy (when he’s not throwing one of his tantrums or being stubborn and difficult, did I just say he is sweet?) and mild temper, compared to some I have personally witnessed. I can’t help but smile every morning when he runs over to my room and starts to push and shake me awake. Either he will put his face right in front of mine, smiling and say Morning Mummy, or Mummy, wee wee arrr..

This is one thing I have to get him to go on his own. Other times he will go on his own, but I think it is his excuse for getting me out of bed. That rascal. He is a real copycat too. Must have seen Dada doing this umpteen times. He spilled some popcorn onto the carpet today, and immediately he went to his room to get the hand-vac. Most of the time he is as messy as his dad, leaving toys and stuff strewn all over the floor. Other times he can be very fussy with just a strand of stray hair that got into his way.

Saturday’s bowling session had just given me an idea to include this game into our holiday program when we are in Ipoh. At least it is much cheaper there! I will also need to get an inflatable pool. And praying this year the darn mozzies will just stay away from his flesh and blood. Die mozzies, die! Every year for the past three years his face mostly, has been the target for these damned and cursed insects. Every single year. Does anyone know of anything that can be applied onto the face as a repellant? Much as I like going back to see my family and friends, there are lots of things I noticed that have changed for the worse. In any case, I hope we will have a great holiday. And….

Mummy can’t wait to go back and start eating the local food 🙂