Aidan seldom takes his arvo naps now, but when he does, he sometimes wake up a little cranky.

Today was one of those days. I had to wake him up as it was already 5.30pm. I knew if I were to walk away, he would have cried. Depending on situations, I sometimes leave for work before Wilkin wakes him up. But today I had all the time in the world, so I stayed beside him and tried offering him treats, Nick Junior, his favourite channel at the moment, and juice. All with the teary eyes and whispered reply of,


I told him I need to fix dinner soon, and he caught my neck, gently pulling me down to lie down beside him. Very softly he said,

Mummy waaii dowm…  (Mummy, lie down)

He got up from the couch and started pulling on my pants, indicating I should completely lie down beside him, and not just my head. This is another ‘one of those moments’ for me. The house free of the background music and TV, quiet, and just the both of us squashed up on the couch, with me looking at him, stroking his eyebrows, his face, his little hand holding onto my other hand.

If you have just read the above paragraph without knowing me, you’d think I am writing a love story. Love story it is, but not with a lover, but my son. I am so contented with life. I should be.

Okay, now I should start thinking. Wilkin’s birthday is next week and apart from the Trampoline ice-cream I have ordered two days ago, I really don’t know what to get for him. Thinking, thinking…