Aidan was sitting on the steps at the backyard, eating his ice cream.

Ah deaahh! Snake! Mummy! Come here! Snake! 

(‘Ah deaahh’ may have meant ‘Oh dear’,) I seldom use that word, and wonder if he picked it up from kindy. I went out and he pointed to a corner, and there was this tiny gonggok all curled up.  Sorry, I don’t know what it’s called in English. It’s a tiny fat round thing with lotsa lotsa legs. Not a caterpillar, not a centipede, but somewhere along that line 😛

It’s not a snake, bubby. It’s a gonggok.


Eee….. *used my slipper and piak piak that thing*  There, no more snake.

Oohhh…. no more snake.

And he continued eating his ice cream.