While pointing to the exact spot where he wanted me to stand. Right in front of him while he is cosily sitting on the toilet bowl, doing his number two. Quite authoritative I should say. Wonder where he got it from? 😛 You’d think by now I would have gotten used to his stinky poo. Well, yes I have. But it’ the stinky fart that I can’t stand! Hahaha… same goes for Wilkin. It is especially deadly when he misses a day. And he wants someone to stay inside the toilet with him, sharing his Winnie Pooh and friends’ Storytime or the Dinosaur or Disco Fish book. 

He is coming along fine, with lots of short sentences like:

  1. Mummy, come here
  2. Mummy, doan’t bite bum bum (that’s when I can’t resist the temptation! and note the pronunciation on ‘don’t’)
  3. Mummy, doan’t tickle
  4. Mama, I wan two ice-cweam ( yep, sometimes Mama and yikes! two??! lucky they’re mini sized)

He will also call Dada as Daddy at times. The best moment was when the three of us in bed, him in the middle, looking up at us, and went Ma? while looking at me. I answered Yes? and he turned to look at his dad saying Daddy? and Dada went Aidan? And he repeated Ma? Daddy? Ma? Daddy? while looking at us to and fro, smiling.

I cannot describe this moment. It feels so…… special. So complete. It feels great to think that he knows he has the two of us to love him.

Aaww… am getting mushy. Gotta go give him a hug now..